Telescopic Straw

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Premium Telescopic Straw by JOYFRES

 EASY TO USE ECO FRIENDLY STRAW: reusable metal straws are an environmentally friendly choice. The JOYFRES collapsible straw set is easy to use and the final straw you will ever need.

 EASY TO CARRY: the travel case is more compact and portable than competitors' versions. Attach to your belt or purse with the carabiner or carry it in your pocket.

 EASY TO CLEAN: the companion straw cleaning brush makes tidying a breeze. The reusable straw is dishwasher safe.

 PERFECT FOR ALL SIZES OF CUPS: use the metal collapsible straw with a variety of cup sizes. Perfect for smoothies, cocktails, hot and cold drinks.

 INTEGRATED BOTTLE OPENER: choose the eco-friendly solution and opt for glass-bottles. You will always have a bottle opener with you together with the collapsible metal straw.

The JOYFRES metal straws with case are the perfect companion to enjoy your favorite drinks in an eco friendly manner. The set, including a stylish matte black case with keychain and the ONE AND ONLY Joyfres Carabiner with integrated bottle opener, will become an indispensable accessory in your daily life.

HELP SAVE THE PLANET ON SIP AT A TIME! The retractable straw in mirror finish food-grade stainless steel can be used on a daily basis, eliminating the need for plastic straws or paper straws. The telescoping straw can be reduced to just 3.93 inches in length when not in use. The elegant matte black case with keychain is perfect for carrying the straw and brush wherever you go, making for a stylish companion. The foldable metal straws are compatible with a variety of cup sizes, ranging from 12 - 40oz cups. Perfect for enjoying hot and cold drinks, from coffee mugs to long drink glasses.

BOTTLE OPENER ON THE GO: choose the eco-friendly solution and opt for glass-bottles instead of plastic. No need to worry about removing the cap, the Joyfres Straw Carabiner has an integrated bottle opener so you can enjoy your favorite drinks anywhere you go.


Straw and Brush: mirror finish
Case and Carabiner: matte black

Straw and Brush: Stainless Steel
Case: Lightweight Aluminum Alloy

Case: 4.5 in x 0.55 in
Straw: 3.9 in x 0.4 in (min) ... 9.2 in x 0.4 in (max)
Brush: 4.1 in (min) ... 9.3 in (max)

Joyfres Reusable Telescopic Straw, Portable Travel Case, Cleaning Brush, Keychain, Carabiner with Integrated Bottle Opener.

Please note:  it is recommended to clean the reusable metal straw before each use. Straw and brush are dishwasher safe; case should be cleaned by hand with warm water. 



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